Welcome friends. This humble blog is about the simple observations I discover whilst cycling through lovely Wales.
I hope to offer you dear reader, cheerful reflections upon the days and miles I pedal, along with encouragement to get out and explore by bicycle yourself! Perhaps too, if I attempt a bit of amusing anecdotes along the way, I may invoke your readership as well. Thanks for stopping by... cheers, muse

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


(Chepstow Castle illustraion by: John Wilson)

There's a theme going on here and if I can keep John working I'll keep posting his drawings. In the meanwhile I'll keep adding my little landscapes... cheers.

And if I could paint...

It was a helluva ride this day with unending climbs and fierce headwinds. Now that the days are getting shorter we had to really pump it to make it back before dark, but it was a fabulous ride on a beautiful day. I was wupped.

The gratuitous photo: Brian in Wales - John in England.

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