Welcome friends. This humble blog is about the simple observations I discover whilst cycling through lovely Wales.
I hope to offer you dear reader, cheerful reflections upon the days and miles I pedal, along with encouragement to get out and explore by bicycle yourself! Perhaps too, if I attempt a bit of amusing anecdotes along the way, I may invoke your readership as well. Thanks for stopping by... cheers, muse

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Good for the head...

Everybody knows that sometimes ya just gotta get away from everything, away from all the day to day thinkin', away from work, away from worry, away from the crazy people that drive ya plumb crazy, away from friends, away from family... away from your lover that ya just can't get enough of... and there ain't no explainin' why and there ain't no reason to blame; ya just got to get away and just think about nothin'.

and sometimes, just maybe...

... you see the world in an entirely new light.

and it's days like this that me say... "I am a very lucky boy indeed."

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