WELCOME! I've been cycling through the Southeast Valleys of Wales since 2010 and I can't say (or show) enough about the place. I just love it. So if you've got the interest and would like to spend some time... sit back and let me show you some of the fabulous places I've discovered.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Getting to the Core

2017 has been a great year of cycling. The downside is that I haven't written much about it and now I've a huge amount of material to publish. So I'm dedicating the next few months to update my back catalog of adventures. As you can see too, I've begun sharing external links of websites I find of particular interest. It just seems to make sense. I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.
Cheers! - cm

I'm returning to my core purpose for creating this diatribe by reintroducing the section entitled oddly enough; "Rides". (Found in the navbar above...) To start with, I've got two great trips for you to read about: "The Punchbowl" and "Pontypool Folly". I'll be updating this section regularly so be sure to check back.

Lady Purple
Also of note is Melanie's 30 year old mountain bike; the poor thing has sat around partially disassembled, tyres deflated, and un-loved for nearly a year. But she's back! I started fiddling with her last week and I must say she's riding better than ever. Check out my write up in the latest "Gear" section.

Mike's Imagination
I read quite a few cycle blogs and I try to support them as much as I can. Mike's Imagination is one of my favourites. His lifestyle and outlook is admirable, his writing is great, and his photography is brilliant. I hate him deeply (hate=envy). His latest post is short and to the point. Damn him! Fish On!
(photo credit; MHayes © 2017)

The Radavist
Next I've included a link to The Radavist; a website that captures the spirit of West Coast cycling with great content including wacky travel stories and unique product reviews. I just like poking around, looking at their work, and enjoying the mental grove. It's a cool mashup of bikepacking trends meet the '70s! Dig it.

Without Bounds
Lastly, I've thrown in a video for you to watch; Without Bounds. It's some fairly radical outsider stuff not suited for everyone, but it talks to the gypsy in me deeply. I am of that ilk and were I not married and living comfortably in Wales... this is where you might find me.

Relevant Links:

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Time Management

What happened to the summer of 2017? It's the middle of September and the shops are starting to put things out for Christmas. Urgh.

If you've wondered why I haven't posted lately, well.. I've been struggling a bit with writing. However, I haven't been completely remiss, so I thought I'd show some of the reports I created for Ride with GPS. I've included three external links showcasing their newest feature along with my photos and diatribe. Next you'll find a link to a fellow blogger that also reviews gear and such. He's a pretty interesting fella - so be sure to poke around his website. And lastly, I've included a link to one of the Portlandia series; something fun to watch.

Daffodils & Disasters
I quickly became motivated to write having been selected as a weekly "Rollout Winner" for Ride with GPS. There is something intriguing about the layout that inspired me to revisit some of my favourite rides.

[ Read about Daffodils & Disasters at Ride with GPS ]

Legendary Neath Explore
Tim John and I had a wonderful day out exploring the two canals that parallel the Neath River. Discovering the history of Wales never disappoints along with great weather cannot be beat!

[ Read about Legendary Neath Explore at Ride with GPS ]

Ride to the Sun
Dean Piper organized this amazing ride and little needs to be said; just check out the photos. Joined by Vimal and Gwyn, the four of us left Pontypool at 3 am for a surprisingly quiet and beautiful equinox.

[ Read about our Ride to the Sun at Ride with GPS ]

Tom's Bike Trip
I began reading this guys blog a few years ago and I still think it's one of the best. His review of the top touring bikes is I found of special interest and quite thorough - indicative of all his writing.

[ Read Tom's Bike Trip at his blog ]

The bikes not cutting it.
If you haven't seen Carrie Brownstein's and Fred Armisen's wickedly funny Portlandia; I suggest you get to it. I cannot get enough of their stuff... it's so on target it makes my head spin.

[ View Portlandia; The Bike's not cutting it. ]

Later this month I plan to introduce a new section just for reporting on my rides - so be sure to check back soon.

Thanks again for stopping by - cm

Monday, 19 June 2017

Content Mangement

I've been pretty busy for the past couple of months. I've kicked up my longer rides trying to go a bit further north and west. Surprisingly enough, I got a call from Parkinson's UK to venture out the Vale of Glamorgan. You can see the results of that trip to Ogmore by the Sea as well as my last Sustrans ride below. I've rounded up some of the details from several other recent adventures along with my take on "humble-bragging" in my 100 Mile Club. Finally, I've thrown in a link to a retro bike from Pashley I quite fancy.

Parkinson's UK and the NGS
I was asked by Parkinson's UK to lead a group ride to promote their relationship with the National Garden Scheme. You can see some of the fun we had visiting seven unique gardens in my Special Event Gallery.

[ Read about the Parkinson's UK & the NGS Cycle Tour ]

Cordell Country Heritage Ride
I've moved on from volunteering for Sustrans, but you can read about my last lead ride from May of this year. It just happens to be one of my favourites too! See the gang and fabulous weather we shared in this Special Event.

[ Read about the Cordell Country Heritage Ride ]

2017 100 Mile Club
Many may laugh at the extent of which I track my cycling... but cycling is what I do AND I also enjoy a good spreadsheet. You can view the dirty details in one subcategory of which I am particularly proud.

[ View the 2017 100 Mile Club ]

Fochriw Highlands & Taf Valley Report
I continue to write reports on my adventures for Ride with GPS. Take a look at the stylish layout offered by RwGPS stylish in my latest installment covering a unique route along the Gelligaer Common as well as a tasty section of the Taff Trail.

[ View the Fochriw Highlands & Taf Valley Report ]

Pashley Retro Racer
I've been "eye-ballin'" this beauty for a while. One day maybe I'll have one for myself. Meanwhile, I thought I'd share the love.

[ View the Pashley Retro Racer ]

Thanks again for stopping by - cm